Weekend Trip to Austin

This past weekend I went to Austin, Texas to visit family. I had such a fun time exploring a new city, especially discovering Austin’s vibrant food scene. On Friday night, we went to Rainey Street, a hidden street  close to downtown with an amazing bar scene. This street was converted from residential homes into bars. Each bar has a different, cute personality but they all had the classic Austin twinkly lights outside. We ended up going to a few of the bars, playing some fun bar games and meeting some locals- it was a great time!

Bar on Rainey St

Bar on Rainey St

On Saturday, we went for a walking tour around the city and stopped at a few local foodie hot spots. First we stopped in at the Austin Farmers Market. Here are a few of my favorite shots from it!




After the Farmer’s market we went to Whole Foods- and I know, we’re in Austin why would we spend our time going to Whole Foods? Well, Austin is the Whole Foods headquarters and WOW it is phenomenal. So phenomenal that I will be posting later this week specifically about the whole foods. It was unreal.



After checking out these foodie hotspots we had a nice long walk around town. Here are a few of my favorite shots!





After the walk, we had a fun dinner out and spent our last few hours in Austin in the presence of great company and food. It was such a fun trip and I can’t wait to visit Austin again!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Trip to Austin

    • LOVE this post!!! You got such great shots of Austin/nailed the food scene! Farmers Market pics are beautiful! I went back last weekend and got root vegetables! Can’t wait to try your cauliflower pizza!

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