Five Holiday Gifts for Foodies (Under $25)

It’s always hard figuring out little yet meaningful gifts to give (especially when you’re on a tight budget). I’ve put together a list of five “gifts for foodies” that are inexpensive and easy to make and/ or purchase.

yes, chef

1. “Yes, Chef” by Marcus Samuelsson

I read this book over summer and absolutely loved it. Marcus Samuelsson has had an incredible life in and out of the kitchen. The memoir weaves together food descriptions and life stories- any foodie would love this.


2. Tuscan Herb Salt

A few months ago I posted the recipe for Tuscan Herb Salt. It has been a great gift and I use it all the time to season vegetables and chicken. It’s an easy, DIY gift that people love!


3. Hamilton Beach Blender

The Hamilton Beach Blender is one of my all time favorite kitchen items. It also happens to be the cheapest item in my kitchen! I use it daily to make smoothies and it works like a charm. Great for any health- nut friend or family member who doesn’t yet have a smoothie maker.


4. Gingerbread Cookie Kit

I found this on Pinterest and couldn’t resist. This is a very cute pre- holiday gift that is great for families to make together. All you need to do is buy a mason jar, the ingredients to your favorite gingerbread cookie and a gingerbread cookie cutter!


5. DIY Infused Olive Oil

Also found on Pinterest are these infused olive oils and I’m dying to try them. The recipes include chili, rosemary, lemon and garlic infused olive oils. Buy some olive oil, herbs and bottles (can easily be found at Michaels for very low prices).


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