Culver City Steps

The Culver City Steps (also known as Baldwin Hills) is a hidden gem in LA. As you may have guessed, it’s located in Culver City. You’ll be surprised driving to get there because it looks like an old industrial area in LA, but once you approach the hike, you’ll know it—there is one GIANT hill. Click here for directions.


There’s one small parking lot, but a lot of street parking every time I’ve gone.  Once you park, follow the “Trailhead” sign and make your way up the beginnings of the hill. It may seem like a leisurely walk until you reach the stairs. It took me less than 10 minutes to get up the stairs and oh do you feel it by the time you get all the way to the top.  At the top, many people are doing circuit workouts. After some strength work at the top, jog down the path rather than taking the steps.


Here’s my suggested workout at the Culver City Steps (takes about 45 min- an hour):

1)   Walk up the steps (1st time)

2)   At top: 30 squats and 20 pulses (repeat 2 times)

3)   Jog to the bottom of the steps

4)   Walk up the steps (2nd time)

5)   At top: 20 lunges per side & 20 pulses on each side (repeat 2 times)

6)   Jog to the bottom of the steps

7)   Walk up the steps (3rd time)

8)   At top: 30 crunches & then 15 on each side (repeat 3 times)

9)   Jog to the bottom

10)  Stretch and cool down—you’re done!

That will definitely be a challenging workout and can be modified to your level of fitness!


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