East Coast Trip

Last week my boyfriend and I went on a trip to the east coast- visiting both of our respective families. I wanted to share a couple of my favorite pictures of the trip (and some of the amazing food we ate) throughout the week and half we were there!

We started in Baltimore to visit my family. I will always think Baltimore is a hidden gem—it’s absolutely beautiful.


Baltimore Inner Harbor


Capitol Hill, Baltimore

While we were in Baltimore, we were able to explore the city, go to an Orioles game (very fun because Baltimorians are VERY serious about their sports), and ate some very delicious, leisurely meals.


Outside the Orioles Game



Prosecco and Aperitivo at Lunch


Handmade Pasta and Pinot

After our trip in Baltimore came to an end, we headed to Cape Cod to visit my boyfriend’s family. We mostly cooked in and had some of the most delicious meals (it helps that my boyfriend’s uncle is a wine expert!).


Quick snapshot of the “Mock” Ceviche before it was devoured


Lobster and Corn


The precious house we stayed in


Backyard View


Downtown Chatham


Sandy Beach


Beach Walk

We had such a great time– now back to reality!


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