Huckleberry is one of my all time favorite restaurants in LA. It’s close enough to where I live but far enough that it really feels like a special treat when I go there. Its menu is a based on all local, organic ingredients and you can tell when you’re eating the food—it all tastes so fresh.


Last weekend my boyfriend and I went for Sunday brunch and per usual, it blew us away. Huckleberry’s brunch menu is a modern twist on classic brunch favorites. And right when you decide which indulgent, delicious brunch dish you’re going to have…you stumble upon their expansive variety of baked goods.




I had one of their most famous dishes, Green Eggs and Ham. It’s two fried eggs on their homemade English muffins topped with pesto and arugula. It is the perfect brunch—light, fresh and filling. I also couldn’t pass by the baked goods without trying something. I ordered a doughnut hole with cinnamon and sugar. It was small and gave me a little taste.





My boyfriend ordered one of their specials for the day, duck hash. It encompassed a classic hash but added arugula and was finished off with two fried eggs on top. I had a bite and it was delicious.



All people in LA and anyone visiting LA, you MUST go here. I’ve only been for brunch but am dying to go back at a different time in the day. They have weekly Thursday Night Family Dinners with a fixed menu that I’m dying to go to (you can check the menu weekly to see what they’ll be serving).



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