Bellini on a Budget

intro belliniSo after making my peach jam and my peach pie, I still had leftover peaches. That’s when I realized I had some champagne in the fridge that’s been screaming to get used…and it was past 5 o’ clock. Here’s a simple and very inexpensive way to make a great summer drink- the Bellini- one of my favorites.

peaches in bowl


1 cup of peaches

1 bottle of champagne

Place the peaches in the blender and blend until very smooth.

peach pureeIn a glass, place about 1 1/2 tablespoons of the peach mixture and fill to the top with champagne.

peach and glass

pouring 1

Pouring 2Mix this and you have your Bellini!

mixed bellini

end bellini


12 thoughts on “Bellini on a Budget

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  2. So not fair! Here I am going to the gym, sweating bullets and you post this! I will definitely be making the Bellini but instead of using champagne, I’ll use “Medio y Medio”, which is a mix of white wine and champagne!

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