Classic Peach Pie

peach pie intro
As I mentioned in my last post, I went a little bit peach crazy and had 9 peaches left over from the peach jam. I decided to make a peach pie. Ever since I was young, a good old fashioned piece of peach pie with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream has been one of my favorite indulgences. What better time to indulge than when peaches are about to go out of season?
Pie Crust:
2 1/2 cups all- purpose flour
1 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, very cold, cut into 1/2 inch cubes
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
5-7 tablespoons of ice cold water
Place the flour, butter, sugar and salt into food processor. Pulse 6-8 times. Add in water one tablespoon at a time; in between, pulse 6-8 more times, continue until dough is ready. I was able to get a good consistency after 5 tablespoons of water, but see what works for you.
You don’t want the dough too sticky but just enough to hold together to make a crust. Once you get the dough to the proper consistency, take out of the food processor and place on a large cutting board. Knead the dough so it all stays together. After you get one consistent mound of dough- separate in two and wrap in plastic wrap. Put the dough into the fridge for at least an hour but can be in fridge for up to 24 hours.
crust ingredients
Peach Pie Filling:
5 cups fresh peaches, sliced
1/2 cup all- purpose flour
1 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
Place peaches into a large mixing bowl, add flour, sugar, cinnamon and mix! If ready before the pie crust, cover and place in the fridge.
pie filling
putting it together
Putting it all together:
Spray or butter the pie pan. Once the pie dough is ready to go, take one of the mounds of dough and flatten until consistent and round (use a rolling pin, I didn’t have on and just used my hands). Make sure it fits and goes to the top of the edges of the pie pan.
Carefully pour the peach pie filling into the pan.
pie together
I used a lattice topping to my pie but you can flatten the other dough out to make a flat top if desired. I used this resource to do my lattice top– very helpful!
Bake for 35 minutes at 450 degrees. Let cool and enjoy!
pie slice
with ice cream

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